About Filmkontakt Nord

Filmkontakt Nord (FkN) was established 1991 by the independent Nordic short and documentary film community.

Filmkontakt Nord is dedicated to the promotion of Nordic Shorts and documentaries internationally, strengthening the Nordic-international and professional network in order to market and support the Nordic short and documentary film sector.

Filmkontakt Nord serve as a common Nordic platform for a stronger production and distribution network within the Nordic countries and a visible united exposure internationally, joining a strong cultural profile with a driven and future-oriented industrial perspective.

Nordisk Panorama Event
Nordisk Panorama Event comprised of Nordisk Panorama Film Festival, Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries, Nordisk Panorama Market and Nordisk Panorama Outlook. Filmkontakt Nord organizes the event in close cooperation with the five host cities Reykjavík, Bergen, Oulu, Aarhus and Malmö. Nordisk Panorama Event is the main platform for short films and documentaries in the Nordic region and 600 – 800 professionals from more than 20 countries regularly attend the event.

Nordisk Panorama Market Online
See Nordic films online at Nordisk Panorama Market Online – a digital promotional service for Nordic short films and documentaries aimed at international tv-buyers, distributors sales agents and festival programmers on the look-out for Nordic high quality content. Thus approved and registered professionals can keep abreast with the latest and greatest from the Nordic countries at their own convenience around the clock.

Promotion, Marketing and Consultancy
FkN engages in a number of industry activities acting as a facilitator and matchmaker when representing the films registered with FkN as well as introducing filmmakers to the international marketplace. Also, FkNs knowledge and expertise is at the disposal of Nordic and international professionals through daily consultations by phone and email, FkNs Nomadic Office at selected festivals, and in the form of moderating, writing articles and giving lectures.

News & Industry Info
Through monthly newsletters, FkN keeps the Nordic and international short and documentary film community updated on important industry events and developments. Furthermore, the newsletters promote the new additions to the FkN Film Catalogue and Nordisk Panorma Market Online as well as inform about FkNs various industry activities in the Nordic countries and abroad. At the FkN website, you can find your way to more than 6000 professionals, companies and organisations in the Nordic countries through the Professional Directory and stay informed about vital Dates & Deadlines of key festivals, funding opportunities, seminars and workshops, relevant to Nordic independent short and documentary film makers.


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